Track Your Progress

It can be very helpful and motivational to track your progress as you go by graphing your weight over time. Here are my results for about a year.

I started the diet in July of 2001. In the beginning of the year I tried "exercise and eat less". The boxing class I was taking was great exercise but left me so exhausted and hungry that I actually ate more.

I let things go until I got a hold of the Atkins book and read it over the July 4th weekend. You can see the immediate and dramatic results from July to September. I spent all of this time as deep into initiation phase and ketosis as I could get. It wasn't always easy but I had amazing proof that it was working.

After September, I leveled off for a while but tried again seriously in May. I lost another 10 pounds this time with the help of running, something I could not do when I was heavier.

Making this was very motivational for me. It's easy enough to do with Excel or even with a pencil and paper!

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