The Induction phase of Atkins is low in fiber. You will want, or rather, NEED to supplement your fiber intake in order to avoid constipation. In the Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance, and Lifetime Maintenance phases of the diet, this most likely will not be a problem for you.

I lost most of my weight without realizing that a couple of teaspoons a day of Metamucil would make me feel a heck of a lot better. Metamucil is a brand name for Psyllium Fiber, it's a part of the wheat plant. The carbs in this fiber do not affect your blood sugar so it's OK to eat it. It does not taste bad. Really! Make sure you get the kind without added sugar (some versions of the product are sweetened). Unfortunately, the "sugar-free" version of the product contains aspartame.

I also eat a lot of celery for fiber. Funny, the other traditional diet food, carrots are verboten on Atkins. Imagine all the poor people who have eaten carrots that make them hungry while trying to "eat less and exercise more".

So now you get to have more fun at the pharmacy asking for a laxative as well as the Ketostix. Oh well at least you wont be constipated.

The Atkins book also recommends mixing ground flaxseed into a shake (i assume a water shake), or to sprinkle wheat bran on your salad or vegetables.

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