Written by Robert C. Atkins

Get the Book and Read it

I found the Atkins book very motivational as well as educational. The book explains how to do the diet and just as important: why the Atkins Diet works. Understanding why it works makes it easier to stay on the diet.

Reading the book, there were times that I felt, "Hey he is talking about me!", especially when he described sugar addiction and how eating carbs can make a person hungry. Reading the book I felt, "This makes sense, this can work for me." This confidence is very helpful and motivational.

Parts of the book are a bit technical and may not appeal to you if you don't have much of a scientific/health background. If you are a biology buff then it's a good place to start your journey into the world of low carbohydrate diet and research.

This book is available used on Amazon for $0.01 plus shipping I presume. If you haven't read the book do yourself a favor and pick it up.

It also contains powerful factual rebuttals to the fear uncertainty and doubt  and common misconceptions spread about this diet.

Reviewed: 2007-05-01

Last Modified: Tue, 01 May 2007 08:40:42 GMT