Gaining it all Back and More

"Recidivism is so common that some doctors recommend their overweight patients don't even try to lose weight." This is not some unique characteristics of the Atkins Diet, this is true across all diets. In the face of this what can one do? Well, if you find something that works for you... Keep doing it!

Permanent Weight Loss Requires Permanent Lifestyle Changes

You don't have to stay in ketosis forever and try to live on cheese and Metamucil for rest of your life, but you will need to make a few permanent changes. Study the other phases besides induction. Lifetime maintenance is just that, a phase of the diet that must last your lifetime. A few lifetime habits include:

  • Read the food labels
  • Drink water instead of soda, fruit juice or sport drinks
  • Hold the Potatoes Please
  • Stay carb conscious, make the low glycemic index choices
  • Weigh your self frequently



Research shows that those who lose weight and keep it off have a few things in common, and one of those things is exercise.


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