This Diet isn't Working - Help!

The most common question we get from visitors is this: "I've been doing the diet religiously, I'm deep into ketosis and have been for days but I'm still not losing weight! Please Help!

Help in this case takes us back to the basics: Eat Less, Exercise More

Eating Less

The way to be successful with this diet is to use the reduced appetite one has while in or near ketosis to eat less. I ended up skipping breakfast as I felt i didn't really need it. Then had a big salad for lunch, and a very small dinner, a breast of chicken perhaps or small piece of meat.

The point is, to eat as little as possible without getting to hungry and falling off the diet completely. I found that if i cut the fat/protean (cheese/tuna/chicken etc.) from my daily salad that i would likely become too hungry in the evenings to stay on the diet. It can be surprising how little food one can get by on.

Exercising More

Run if you can, walk if you cant, swim, ride, dance or do what ever you can to increase your level of exercise. Ketosis got me from 240 to 210 or so but i needed to add exercise to get lower. I find that i need to run 4 miles 2 to 3 times a week to keep from starting to gain. In addition to permanently avoiding high glycemic index foods, exercise is the other lifestyle key to success.


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