Know When You are in Ketosis by Using Ketostix

This is one of the keys to doing successful Atkins. In my book, it's a must. It is very helpful and motivational to know with certainty that you are in ketosis. It is also important to learn how easily your body moves into and out of ketosis.

I would say that if you are not measuring the ketones on your urine, then you are not really doing the diet.

If you are a medical researcher, and your subjects are not using the ketostix, then you are not testing the Atkins diet.

If you can turn the Ketostix towards the purple color then you most likely will lose weight on this diet. People vary with how easy they get into ketosis. Generally, if you consume less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day for more than 3 or 4 days you will you will see the ketostix change color indicating you have ketones (the byproducts of fat burning) in your blood and urine.

Don't be Embarrassed

Like anything medical, it may be a little embarrassing to buy and use the Ketostix. You can get used to it. The counter person at the drug store probably does not know what they are and you might have to point them out. Usually they are kept behind the pharmacy counter even though you do not need a prescription to buy them. You are asking for "Ketostix", a brand name for "Ketone Urinalysis Reagent Strips". They are made by Bayer. There are other brands that are marketed specifically for dieters, but they seem to cost sometimes twice as much!

The Ketostix were marekted originally for diabetics to make sure they do not have ketones in their urine. For diabetics purple is bad. For you purple is good.

I still get annoyed at having to say "No, the Ketostix, it starts with a K, on the lower shelf, in the yellow box!" And "Excuse me, do you know where they keep the Metamucil?" (see the section on constipation ;-) )

Simple Enough to Use

To use, simply pee on the stick and check the color after a few seconds. I found that I had the most ketones in my urine in the evening, but I was able to maintain trace amounts during the day.

It's Biometric Feedback Man!

This tool lets you know how many carbs you can eat and still stay in ketosis. It is also very good feedback to see that after you broke down and had that bagel you no longer turn the Ketostix purple. It also helps you find food that you did not realize had sugar in it (like Champagne for example). Remember, if it tastes sweet.... it is.

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