Muscle Cramps

The induction phase of the diet is fairly diuretic (causes you to urinate a lot). Drinking plenty of water helps you urinate even more... All this urinating will cause you to excrete a lot of salt leading to muscle cramps for some people. I experienced cramps from time to time in my calves and hamstrings.

The only really uncomfortable thing about them is not knowing what they are and what is causing them. Here you are on this diet that's starting to work, but everyone is telling you it's going to kill you. You have been brave but now, you are getting pains in your legs like you used to get after basketball practice in high school. Maybe it's a blood clot! My God I am going to die!

So now you know. No need to panic. It's muscle cramps from having low salt. Try increasing your salt intake or finding a calcium / potassium supplement or backing off on the ketosis a bit. I didn't have much luck with the supplements. I just put up with the occasional cramp and they went away after a while.

Last Modified: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 22:56:21 GMT